Tuition and Registration Fee
Tuition is based on a 4 week billing
cycle and is due by the 20th of every month.
Our yearly membership fee of $30 includes
discounts on special events, administrative
costs, medical and liability costs, a T-shirt,
and a skill poster for each child. The
membership fee will be due each year on the
anniversary month of each gymnast. There will
be no refunds given on membership fees! Due
to waiting lists, full tuition must be paid in
order to keep a space in a class. Family
discounts include $5 off per month for the 1st child
and $5 off per month for any additional children.

Attendance and Make-Up
Your monthly tuition includes four classes and we
want to make sure you get what you pay for! In the
event attend his/her class, please call in advance
to let us know. In doing this, others can make-up
in your place. Make-ups are based on availability
and should be scheduled on a different day than
your child's regular class. We will not overload
classes! Please make every effort to complete the
make-up class during the month of absence. You must
be currently enrolled in classes to use your make-up
classes. Make-ups are non-transferrable.

What to Wear
We simply ask that your child wear comfortable
exercise clothing. Buttons, belts, buckles, and
zippers can damage our equipment. Bare feet are
required for class. We also request that hair be
tied up/pulled back and that all jewelry be taken
off. Smiles are worn before, during, and after class!
Please make sure that children in the Pre-School gym
use the restroom before class - they get excited!

Gym Rules
Parental Responsibility is a key to safety at Flip
It Gymnastics. We ask that children not participating
in class stay in the waiting area or upstairs in
the parent viewing area. Under no circumstances are
children not in class allowed to be on any equipment.
We encourage you not to talk to your children while they
are in class. Too many coaches can frustrate your child.
Street shoes are not allowed for parents or gymnasts on
any gymnastics surface or mat. Refreshments are only
allowed in the entry area; they are not allowed in the
gym. Sitting on the walls inside the gym is not permitted.
Rules are never fun but they are necessary. Thanks!

Drop Policy
Anyone needing to drop classes for a period of time will
need to inform the office and give written consent at least
two weeks before the next billing cycle on the 20th of the

Skill Tracking
Skills are assessed every 4-6 months. When all skills
for the level are passed off, a skill poster will be sent
home along with instructions on our move-up policy.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s birthday in a special way! Birthdays are such a special moment in a child’s life. Let Flip It Gymnastics host the fun! (Appropriate for ages 3-13.) Under the supervision of a professionally trained staff member, your party will include a schedule of fun-filled games and activities. For the first 60 minutes, your child and guests will tumble, bounce on the trampoline, play games, do obstacle courses, and more! The next 30 minutes will be spent in the party room to do food, pictures, and presents during this time. 

The cost is $160 for 1.5 hours, $190 for 2 hours. A $50 deposit is required upon scheduling. This price includes your child and 14 guests. Additional children (up to 19 total guests), is an extra $20. For 20 or more children, parties are an additional $35 as we will need to assign another coach to help with your party. We will reserve the gym and party room privately for your group. Parents are responsible for decorations and everything food related; i.e. cups, plates, utensils, food, etc.